April 21, 2023

‘Rising Seas’ by Midnight Oil listed as a finalist for Environmental Music Prize

‘Rising Seas’ by Midnight Oil has been listed as a finalist in this year’s Environmental Music Prize, a fantastic initiative which aims to support the environmental movement by engaging, energising, and activating diverse audiences through music. Congratulations to all finalists.

“It was a case of music coming before lyrics in this song, there was something about the repetitive nature of the bass riff that suggested the subject matter. An atmosphere of claustrophobic intent, Gordon Gekko in a life raft. Sea level in the western Pacific Ocean has been increasing at a rate 2–3 times the global average, and places like Kiribati, Tuvalu, the Maldives and most of Grand Bahama, including Nassau, Abaco and Spanish Wells will be underwater by 2050 or before. Governments have been delaying the inevitable in their decision making, like rabbits staring at the oncoming headlights of an express train, and have been fiddling with net zero statistics to meet their targets while our grandchildren are staring down the consequences of our inaction.” – Jim Moginie.