September 5, 2022

Show reviews from Spark Arena, Auckland NZ


“Midnight Oil has always performed with a focused and righteous anger, rather than the flailing, sputtering outrage that seems to be everywhere online these days. They sing fierce, pointed songs, but even at their sternest it’s always felt to me like the Oils balanced that out with a core of compassion.” – Radio New Zealand (Click to read full review)


“It was supposed to be their swansong. Instead Midnight Oil looked and sounded like a band at the peak of their powers.

The group played the second New Zealand gig of their final tour in front of a rapturous audience at Spark Arena in Auckland on Saturday night.” – (Click to read full review)


“Despite the doom and gloom of global news updates, there was nothing gloomy about the thought-provoking rock performance that Midnight Oil put on at Spark Arena last night.

Touring to celebrate the release of their latest album, RESIST – Midnight Oil, one of Australia’s (and the world’s) most beloved bands gave Aotearoa a belated, but warmly received performance.” – Ambient Light Blog (Click to read full review + view photo gallery)